Unzipping our Redpants

Redpants Unzipped is an offshoot of Redpants, LLC, a company I founded at the beginning of 2016. The goal of Redpants is to make Aston Martin ownership reasonable. To do that, I've created a comprehensive online resource for parts and information for those cars. While I try to keep Redpants from being boring, it's primary goal is information rather than entertainment. So, to show the fun side of things, I started Redpants Unzipped.

My goal with Unzipped is two-fold: To show the fun and interesting aspects of the automotive world, and to help people experience the events they've always wanted to attend. Every gearhead wants to go to famous races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans or see Aston Martins being made by hand in their factory in England, but how many of us have actually made it happen? Not many have actually done these and other bucket-list items.

But we are now.

Join me as I travel the globe going to races, factories, shows, and events. Iā€™m not only documenting these travels, but also making it possible for you to do them, too.

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Richard Seidlitz, Founder & Owner

Car nerd, travel junkie, food glutton, borderline alcoholic, and other increasingly concerning adjectives can be used to describe the mess that I am these days. But I try to document all of it for your entertainment, so I've got that going for me.