ACR V8 Vantage Coupe: First Impressions

Alpha Classic Racing's pair of bright red V8 Vantages share the company's signature widebody kit. The convertible has been used for pictures and social media for quite some time and it was the one posted in the Aston Martin group on Facebook. In front of me was the coupe. Same color. Same body kit. Very different builds.

The convertible has air suspension to make it easy to drive on streets and able to drop down low for pics. It's also got a GMR supercharger kit on it. It's a wild-looking car and has the power to back up the style with performance when running around on the streets. The coupe, however, is built for the track.

Coupe vs Convertible

While ACR’s convertible is a slammed, supercharged monster of a thing, the coupe is closer to a Vantage GT4 than the production V8 Vantage it started out as. The GT4 race car is surprisingly similar to the road car. The main differences are the suspension, brakes, safety equipment, and absolute eschewment of creature comforts.

This car follows suit.

The interior is stripped out with just the bare necessities remaining. It’s function over form, and there is no form. Open the door and you’re greeted battle-worn racing bucket, an Alcantara steering wheel, diamond plate floor panel, a roll cage, and that one specific white shift knob I’ve only ever seen in JDM cars.

ACR interior.jpg

To ensure it qualifies for racing, the engine is pretty close to factory specification. Some of the emissions have been reduced or eliminated, but it’s still a standard naturally-aspirated 4.3L V8 engine. It hasn’t been supercharged like the roadster.

Also in line with racing specification, the suspension is a traditional coilover setup rather than the air suspension found on the other car. That’s right - this car isn’t sitting on the ground, for pics or otherwise.

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