ACR Widebody Specs and Info

Akane-san beamed with pride when he explained that every component of the ACR widebody kit is made at their factory near Osaka, Japan. He’d say it in both English and Japanese because it mattered to him that much.

There are two primary options for the body kits: carbon fiber and fiber reinforced plastic (fiberglass). The ACR Vantage coupe has a mixture of the two. This wasn’t by design… it was by necessity. The car gets beat on so often that parts need to be replaced and, rather than constantly swapping out expensive carbon fiber panels, the replacements are often the less-expensive fiberglass option.

The widebody kits are sold as complete packages, and each will include:

  • Front bumper

  • Front lip spoiler

  • Side sills

  • Front fenders

  • Rear fender flares

  • Rear bumper

  • Rear diffuser

  • Trunk lid spoiler

As Akane-san said, installation is key so make sure you’ve got the best bodyshop possible installing this kit for you. Not only as a matter of it being your pride-and-joy Aston Martin, but to help ensure you don’t get any cracking at the rear fender flares.

The car gets 120mm longer and 90mm wider overall, and the rear diffuser has three positions so you can set it where you want for function and aesthetics.

The body kit and other products can be purchased from Alpha-Classics Racing.

Me and the ACR.jpg

So… What Do I Think?

I’ll be honest… it’s a hard sell. The main obstacle is coming to terms with permanently altering the rear quarter panels of a car. Yes, Aston Martin does offer that section of the car as a replacement part. No, it’s not a bolt-on bit. You’re gonna pay and pay hard if you need it. But it is an option if you do decide you ever want to revert back to factory form.

Aside from that, the next big obstacle is that it’s a wild transformation. If you want wild, this is the way to go. It isn’t traditional by any means, but every aspect of it does draw from a factory production vehicle.

I honestly don’t know if I’d get an ACR bodykit simply because I drive like an ass and I can’t afford to fix my car if I mess it up while being dumb with that extra width. Yes, I mean that but at least I’m honest, right?

But I will be getting the rear trunk spoiler because I love it and it suits my grey V8 Vantage perfectly. As of this writing I’m also helping a guy with an ACR build, which will feature a set of BC Forged wheels and other Redpants products.

Regardless, I do love the bodykit and the pair of ACR V8 Vantages as a whole. The coupe is a wild, stripped-out track car. The convertible is a wild, supercharged street car. They’re both unapologetically purpose-built. I think cars are an extension of our own selves. Having met Akane-san and spoke with him at length on multiple occasions, I can say that his cars are an expression of who he is. He’s proud of it, and he has every right to be. His cars aren’t for everyone, and that’s fine. Because those of us that are true enthusiasts aren’t in it for everyone else, we’re in it for us.

So I raise a glass of wine from Bottle Three to Akane-san and Alpha-Classics Racing for building something truly bold, meaningful, and wonderful.

A huge Thank You to:

Hiroyuki Akane, Alpha-Classics Racing
Luanna Marinho, Alpha-Classics Racing
Taylor Winkleman, for the word “eschewment”

Follow Up!

I mentioned in my review that I went back to see Alpha-Classics Racing again for a race. I’ve got a full article on that as well. The ACR Vantage showed signs of wear and tear from track duty, but still no cracking at the rear quarter panels. Well done, Akane-san!

It also had the two-pair canard arrangement which looked seriously cool. I try to keep things subtle, but Akane-san is making me want to take a walk on the wild side…

ACR, Redpants, Modesta, and Mischief.jpg