AMOC Membership

Despite its name, the Aston Martin Owners Club (AMOC) isn't just for Aston Martin owners.

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Membership Fees

Membership fees are charged annually.

Membership Perks

Being an AMOC member comes with a few very special perks. If you're not interested in doing maintenance yourself and prefer to have the dealership perform all your servicing, you can usually get a 15% discount on certain things from them. You'll also be invited to annual AMOC events and special events like I've covered in blog posts on Redpants and Redpants Unzipped. There's also a magazine called Vantage Point that is sent out to subscribing members.

AMOC Events

There are events held throughout the year, but it may be difficult to make it to many due to how geographically spread out they often are. Still, it's always a fun time if you can make it to them.

Previous Events