Garage Flooring, Part 2 of 3

The first thing to do was apply the base coat. This was done with a roller and instantly made the garage look a hundred times better. The area immediately outside the garage was covered and taped off to prevent the base layer or clear coat from getting onto the driveway.

Base layer.jpg

Next came the color chips and glitter. These were hand-tossed on top of the base layer and left to sit as the base layer dried.

Hand-thrown flake.jpg

The floor was then left to dry for an hour, which the guys used for a lunch break. When they returned, they scraped away all the excess color chips and blew them away, leaving a smoother surface. Next came the clear coat that would hold it all together.

They started off by applying the clear coat with handheld brushes to the edges and seams to ensure the hard-to-reach areas were properly covered. Then the rest was done with a roller.

Clear coat.jpg

The end result was absolutely beautiful but we weren't quite ready to move everything back in. The epoxy had to cure, and that meant waiting.

The tires of your car get very hot while driving, and the rubber gets really sticky. With performance tires, the effects of this are more pronounced. Builder-grade garage floor epoxy doesn't hold up well to hot tires and it isn't uncommon for patches of the epoxy to pull up from the spots where the tires of your car sit in the garage. We told Jerrett that was a major concern of ours since it happened in the floor's original epoxy coating as well as in the epoxy coating at the last place we lived. Given the investment we were making in this new floor, we asked him to take extra measures to ensure it would endure.

Typically, lightweight things can be moved back into the garage later the same night. But Jerrett made ours with an extra-thick base coat and clear coat to hold up to the abuse we'd be giving it, so our new flooring needed to cure for at least 24 hours. We let it sit for twice that just to be on the safe side. Between heavy tool cabinets and hot, sticky tires, we wanted to give it as much time to sit as we could.

Finished Floor.jpg

Again going the extra mile, Jerrett offered to come back and help us move the heavy stuff back into the garage after the flooring had cured for a couple days. It was a hot, humid day so Jerrett and I were dripping sweat all over the place. Then we got hit by a nasty rainstorm so we were dripping water all over the place. But we got everything into the garage from the driveway.

If it wasn't clear from the repetitious use of his name, Jerrett deserves a lot of credit for the work he did. His attention to detail was comforting. His quality of work was excellent. And his above-and-beyond attitude and assistance was unbelievable. So, a huge thank you to him. If you're in the Tampa area, definitely give Masterpiece Garage a call if you need new flooring or cabinets - though we didn't get them, he does sell and install those as well.

All that was left was to move the rest of our stuff out of the dining room and sort everything into our new tool cabinets. Even though we took up Dexter's dining room lounge space, I think he was happy once the new garage floor was done.

Dexter Approved.jpg