North America

I was going to lump my trips to Canada in with the United States and pretend they’re the same country. I mean, Canada is just northern USA, right? What’s Canada going to do? Fight me? They won’t. They’re too polite and we all know it.

Silliness aside, making one big “North America” category is probably better anyway, so here it is: The North America. 

British Embassy 06.jpg

Aston Martin at the British Embassy (2017)

I got an invitation from my local Aston Martin dealership to attend an event at the British Embassy in Washington DC. Damn right I accepted. I got to chat with Aston Martin’s CEO and CMO, see some familiar faces, and make some new friends.

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iDrive Rally, Niagra Falls, Canada (2017)

A three-day rally to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, this was the largest group of cars we've had in an iDrive Rally, and the first time we've crossed an international border.

This blog post was originally featured on our sister website, Redpants.


PWC at VIR (2017)

Virginia International Raceway is at the very southern edge of the state. In fact, it’s so close to North Carolina that you have to drive across the border and back again when going to the track. It’s about four hours away from where we live in Aldie, at the northern edge of Virginia. Our buddies at TRG were racing there so we decided to pack the pups into our 4Runner and drive on down to see them.

Infinity bikes.jpg

Austin, TX (2017)

What better way to celebrate an anniversary than to visit a new city, eat some incredible barbeque, and see some race cars? Clare and I fell in love with everything Austin has to offer and (spoiler alert!) we're thinking about moving there. The combination of amazing food, the friendly people, and everything the city has to offer is so fantastic that few cities in the United States can compare. And to top it off for automotive enthusiasts, it's got a world-class race track: Circuit of the Americas.


New York International Auto Show (2015)

It was my first time to the Big Apple and it was only a short trip, but going to NYC for NYIAS in 2015 turned into a memorable time!

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