The Garage

Whether it's for working on cars or just for storing them, a garage is an important part of our homes. The money you invest in your garage can vary wildly. You can run a bare minimum of tools and equipment in the space you have available, or you can buy enough to run a professional shop while also refurbishing the floors, storage, and lighting. It all comes down to your needs, your budget, and the space you have.

Socket drawer.jpg


If you do any work at all in the garage, you'll need tools. This section gives an overview of the tools and tool sets, and why each is needed.



You need a place to put things - tools, equipment, supplies, spare parts... beer... Knowing what storage options there are will come in handy. Like tools, there's a wide range of prices for storage.

Finished floor close up.jpg


It's hard to describe the value of a good garage floor. It's often overlooked as something of a luxury (and it is), but refinishing your floor does come with some practical benefits.



One of the most important aspects of a garage is the lighting. Without it, you can't see what you're doing. A work light can go a long ways to making a job easier, and full lighting throughout the garage can make working on a car that much less frustrating.