Tools: Part 2

Most jobs you do to your Aston Martin require the car to be off the ground. This can be done using a lift or with a floor jack and jack stands. Your choice between these will most likely be based on two constraints: space and budget.

Car Lift

Having an actual car lift in your garage is by far the easiest way to do things. You drive up, position the arms, and then raise the car. However, these are usually the most expensive option, and they take up the most space. Not only do you need space around the car, you also need enough height in your garage.

The lift itself will be anchored to the floor, which means you’ll need to make sure the cement of your garage floor is thick enough to support the lift, car, and forces of anchoring. Consult with your lift installer to make sure your garage can safely fit a lift.


A very cool tool that is available is the QuickJack by Ranger. The QuickJack is a pair of small lifts that fit under each side of your car, and are portable so you can move them out of the way for storage when not in use. I haven’t used these, but I’ve talked with plenty of people that have and they get consistently great reviews and high praise for making maintenance jobs much more convenient. QuickJacks are much easier and safer than using a floor jack and jack stands, and you don’t have the constraints of a full-size lift.

Floor Jack and Jack Stands

Using a floor jack to lift an Aston Martin can be a scary thing, but it’s sometimes the only feasible way for us to maintain our own cars in our own garages. The floor jack I use is the Arcan XL2T low-profile jack, which is one of the very few that I’ve found that can actually fit under my grey V8 Vantage.

Race Ramps

While not necessarily a stand-alone option for lifting your Aston Martin, I’ve found it’s incredibly useful to have a set of Race Ramps handy, as they make life much easier when you need to get that little bit of extra clearance. I have a set of the RR-TJ-S ramps, which are small so they don’t take up space in my garage, while also giving me the height I need to slide a jack under super-low cars. The RR-TJ-S ramps are inexpensive, which is a bonus, and they’re incredibly lightweight (only a few pounds) so you can move them with no effort at all. Until I got my Arcan XL2T jack, the only way I could get a jack under my grey V8 Vantage was to use Race Ramps to raise the car up enough to get clearance for the jack.

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